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Posted by meshal on Sunday, September 11, 2016 @ 21:44:51 EDT (12463 reads)

  Free open source ecommerce software like WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop makes it easier to take your small business online. We list the 10 top open source ecommerce tools.

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Posted by meshal on Friday, September 09, 2016 @ 12:05:59 EDT (10434 reads)

 After being in development for the past couple of months, Wireshark 2.2.0 has finally hit the stable channel, bringing with it a huge number of improvements and updated protocols


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Posted by meshal on Monday, May 01, 2006 @ 16:11:01 EDT (7531 reads)

Last year we had taken an in-depth look at ATI's PowerPlay technology upon the support within the Linux fglrx display drivers. Now that Fedora Core 5 has been out for some time, and there have been quite a few monthly releases since that point, we are now back today as we re-examine ATI's PowerPlay using once again the Mobility RADEON X300. In this examination, we will also be using additional benchmarks beyond what was done in our original benchmarking fiesta, and we will be examining its power consumption when using the AC adapter and simply not the battery.

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Posted by aziz on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 @ 09:41:45 EDT (7131 reads)

How to get the best software without spending a penny

By Robin Monks

Free software is fast becoming the standard in quality software. It’s now possible for anyone to find a quality, free replacement for almost any proprietary program. In many cases, the free program is better than its proprietary counterpart.

You may not realize it, but there’s probably a free software replacement for every software program you own: from your word processor to your photo editor to the actual operating system.

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Posted by meshal on Thursday, June 10, 2004 @ 18:02:59 EDT (4762 reads)
KDE is a powerful Free Software graphical desktop environment for Linux and Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system. download
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Posted by meshal on Sunday, May 16, 2004 @ 12:05:27 EDT (5694 reads)
Opera Software today released 7.50 for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. Opera 7.50 offers users hungry for a better Internet experience the latest advancements in Internet technologies, with the same engineering excellence and inventiveness that made its browser rendering so famous, now also offers a top-notch e-mailer, newsreader, IRC-compatible chat client, contact database, support for RSS newsfeeds and much, much more. Still, with all the features, Opera remains the fastest, best coded, small browsing application in the world, weighing in at 3.5 MB.

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Posted by meshal on Wednesday, May 12, 2004 @ 07:14:22 EDT (6436 reads)
This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the version that production Samba servers should be running for all current bug-fixes. There have been several issues fixed since the 3.0.3 release, the most visible of which is the problem with user password changes after applying the Microsoft security hotfix described in KB828741 to Windows NT 4.0/200x/XP clients. Please refer to the Release Notes for descriptions of the exact changes and new features. download
Posted by meshal on Tuesday, May 11, 2004 @ 00:13:37 EDT (4192 reads)
Linux 2.6.6 has been released, again there are tons of fixes, for example, the CIFS VFS, which can be used to mount windows or samba shares via the CIFS protocol, has seen lots of improvements and fixes since the last version. The complete changelog and download links can be found on kernel.org as usual. click here
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Posted by meshal on Sunday, April 18, 2004 @ 19:39:03 EDT (5831 reads)
After two years from the latest stable release we're waking up again with this 3.0.0. Since the 2.* releases the KVIrc source code has been almost completly rewritten. The major differences are summarized in the following list:
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Posted by meshal on Thursday, April 15, 2004 @ 12:40:28 EDT (4038 reads)
kernel 2.4.26 released. download & changelog
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