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October 13, 2004 09:52 PM EDT

how to make your own DNS server in  5 min.

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This is apply only for those who have only one ip such as cable/DSL users with a static/dynamic IP.

1- you have to install bind, either you download it or installed it from your own cd's destroy.

2- you have to register a free domain/dns from any free provider such as,

NO-IP.com and make for you simple domain that point to your ip. that's very important .

example: QS1.NO-IP.ORG  and this domain should point to your own ip.

ip users use their program to update your ip upon restart/change.


3- now go to your domain name control panel where you bought the domain from and change

the DNS servers to QS1.NO-IP.ORG .

*some domain registrar require 2 domain name for DNS server so make 2 domain names for

your own from no-ip that point to your ip .

after you change your DNS server for your own domain, you have to wait from 1 up to 24 hours to take effect.

that's depends on your domain registrar.

4- Now  edit these 3 files just like as I am going to provide. /etc/named.conf & /var/named/yourdomain.net.hosts &


change the ip to your own ip and change q8linux.net to your own domain name.

a- http://www.q8linux.net/named.conf

b- http://www.q8linux.net/q8linux.net.hosts

c- http://www.q8linux.net/resolv.conf

*If your linux is a gateway then  you should add your locale linux gateway ip

to the DNS configuration in your dsl/cable modem  which is gonna be either or

after editing them run bind.

RH type# service bind start

SW type# /etc/rc.bind start

now test your own DNS. type# dig yourdmain.net or host yourdomain.net / host your ip.

If  Reverse DNS doesn't work then you have to ask your own ISP to add your domain to their PTRs DNS.

If everything goes well, then you can add ns.yourdomain.net to your domain DNS safely in domain control panel as second DNS server.

for any comment/tips please email me at q8linux @ q8linux.net


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